Business Growth Law® Program

Winner of New Zealand Law Society Innovation Award 2012

Registered under NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme

Understanding the concept of a business's critical path to growth and expansion into off-shore markets, and the importance of securing the correct legal foundations to safeguard the business.

Identifying the relevant legal foundations for your business's safe continuous growth, under categories including:

  • Establishing and protecting business identity

  • Protecting intellectual property

  • Securing trading relationships

  • Appropriate corporate structure

  • Managing business risks

  • Contracting and licensing

  • Internet presence

  • Investment

  • International expansion

  • Exit strategy

Exploring the function of these legal foundations in supporting your business's expansion and sustainable exporting capacity.

Taking a realistic "snapshot" of how your business appears to third parties such as financiers, investors, suppliers, potential overseas business partners, and customers.

Developing a strategy to uncover the most pertinent issues for your export plan.

Building the tools to anticipate and avoid legal pitfalls and seize opportunities for your business at the optimum time.

One-on-one business training / coaching.

This service has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Programme Voucher Scheme and is eligible for voucher redemption.

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